Open Call For Animators!

Jun 4, 2015

WWOOF “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms” are looking for animators to create a short animation movie to visualize what WWOOF is. We are looking for creative animators who are interested and excited about what WWOOF represents.

What do we want?

An animation movie of about 2 mins to inform all people what WWOOF really is about.

Terms of the contest:
t is based on an open contest where the first 10 proposals will be evaluated. One proposal will be chosen to realize the animation movie.  

Payment: 3000€.

The proposals must be composed by a visual storyboard and a short animated sketch. The proposals will be evaluated by a panel of 10 WWOOF organisations on different criteria:
– Storyline
– Drawings
– Efficiency in explaining what WWOOF is about.

Applications should be submitted by August 20th 2015.

Key points:
– Audience (multinational/multicultural, all ages)
– Aesthetics (simple and to the point)
– Impact on the viewer Explain what WWOOF really is

What is WWOOF?
WWOOF organizations link people who want to learn about organic growing and farming and sustainable lifestyles with people who have a homestead or farm. We emphasise a non monetary, educational and cultural experience.

Our vision is to bring people to a more sustainable way of life. By taking part of the day-to-day life on an organic farm, you will learn how to grow food and take care of live stock while at the same time getting to know new people and perhaps experience a new culture. For many people this means discovering an alternative way of life.

A few more points about us for inspiration:

Sharing and trust
– Share daily life on a farm with a host.
– Ideas, stories, moments, food
– sharing a piece of our life.
– Foster understanding, peace and goodwill – among people around the world.

– Learn to grow your own healthy food.
– Learn importance of sustainable agriculture = healthy people/plants/animals/planet.
– Co-operation.

Sustainable travel
Lend a hand to organic, local farmers, both while WWOOFing and at home.

– WWOOFers (age, nationalities, experience, goals…) Everybody is welcome as long as willing to learn and to share!
– Hosts and lifestyle: Families, one-person households or communities. All eager to teach what they know. All hosts farm with organic principles.
– Work: Gardening, building, taking care of livestock and much more.

Proposition of stories (to give an idea, you are free to invent your own one):
Idea 1: A changing character that sets out to WWOOF and the way his/her view of things changes along the way.
Idea 2: Different characters from different backgrounds set out (from a supermarket a University an office…) to different farmers around the world and “pollinate” each other by sharing and learning.
Idea 3: One or more isolated farmer/s surrounded by conventional wasteland reach out to WWOOF and start weaving a network of optimism and knowledge exchange between thousands of people.

If you have an idea to share with us please send your entry to the following email address. Feel free to consult us about anything regarding the contest! 🙂


We look forward to hearing from you!

Charlotte Brouessard, Basil Black and Mette Pauline Strand
WWOOF Animation Movie Work Group

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