“Pre-WWOOFing” Summer Camp, Spain 2015

Jun 23, 2015

Pre-WWOOFing summer camp in Northern Spain, August 2015

Join us in the sunny and fresh Cantabria, North of Spain, in the second quarter of August, in the first “quasi WWOOFing” summer camp for teens between 13 to 16 years old.
Organised by the WWOOF Coordinators of WWOOF ESPAÑA in its own smallholding, after succesfull years of experience with WWOOFers in this same spot, this year we are pleased to announce this first “pre-WWOOFing” camp. Only a handful or boys and girls between 13 and 16 will attend the program. The idea is to introduce WWOOFing, promote cultural exchange and enjoy in a rural environment of Northern Spain. We are aiming at about 8 participants, (two or three Spanish) and about five more boy/girls from abroad (probably one from each country). There will be always experienced adults supervising their stay and activity, which will include:

– Learn and perform basic tasks in an organic farm while wwoofing: taking care of animals, gardens, trees, land and environment.

– Some experience with food: basic cooking, bread, cheese, preserves making.

– Learning some useful skills in the countryside like: knots, orientation & basic map reading, some plants identification…

– Introduction to some other artistic and practical fields: photography, video, painting, music, even computers…

– Great outdoor experiences: camping, trekking, swimming at river & sea

– Intercultural sharing: Languages, culture, games, tolerance & social awareness, forums about some mindful movies …

In summary we will create a joyful and practical environment for these early teens that may awake or expand their interest in alternative, modern lifestyles in rural environment.
Attendees will sleep in tents, tipi or caravan, with access to a fully equipped house (bathrooms, shower, kitchen, phone, etc) always monitored by responsible adults. These kids should be relatively interested in living in the countryside and be socially active (*).
Why are we organising this? Well, we at the WWOOF Spain coordination team, want to give the opportunity early teens to participate in this unique international experience in a rural environment –while keeping them away for a couple of weeks from their mobiles 😉  We think it is yet an optimal age to practically introduce or reassure them to alternative, respectful and modern living styles and may be they become “WWOOFers” in the future ;-).
For this period of two weeks we have stated a cost of 350 € per attendant. Everything, except the inbound and outbouns trips costs to our place (or nearest airports of Bilbao or Santander), is included in the “package”: meals and cooking (while they may asked to participate sometimes, as part of their learning practice), accommodation, monitors and trainers, local transport, insurance, etc… no extra hidden costs. As a Not for Profit organisation we do not aim for benefit, just cover partially the costs of the experience.

Chemi Peña
WWOOF ESPAÑA Coordinator
t. + 34 942 636958

(*) Experience is not required, but certain emotional and physical maturity is needed: Just enough to sleep in a communal tent in the countryside, accept the possibility that some ants may enter their shoes, eat different food to what they are used to, to work a little in the field, speak basic English at least… and certainly be aware they will not be online for a couple weeks. Lastly they should not be classified as “difficult” kids, in other words: eager to learn, ready to interact and to respect everyone else.


Calle Yainz 33, Puerta 14,
Cereceda 39860


WWOOF Spain website: http://ruralvolunteers.org/WHOSTS/


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