WWOOF Germany was given a farm

Oct 12, 2015

Our colleagues at WWOOF Germany recently sent us this remarkable news. 

We have wonderful news: WWOOF-Germany has been given a farm!

The farm was a WWOOF-host until recently and is located in the north of the country, very close to the border to the Netherlands. The property (nearly 4000 m²) is abundantly vegetated and lies as a ‘green oasis in between crop fields. In the garden there are ornamental plants, fruit trees and vegetable spots, several quiet corners with seating-accommodation and little garden-ponds.

The former owners kept a small stock of animals and therefore leased 0.5 ha of pastureland which is still available. A trailer serving as an accomodation for WWOOFers is still there, attached with a compost toilet and outdoor shower. Barrels collect rainwater and a pump brings up water from the ground to water the tomatoes in the greenhouse. 

In the house there is space for up to four persons. Living and sleeping rooms can be made ready to move in with not much effort. The construction of the attic store can be completed in the future. There is a winter garden! 

These are our considerations:

  • The farm is supposed to continue to be a WWOOF farm and to be managed according to WWOOF principles.
  • The inhabitants should bring experience with WWOOF with them and be capable to take on the role of WWOOF hosts.
  • The garden with fruits, vegetables and herbs is supposed to continue as an organic garden.
  • Keeping animals is possible!
  • The future inhabitants can lease the farm from WWOOF Germany for managable costs and therefore provide housekeeper services and renovation activities. 

In order to find people, who want to develop the place together with us, we sent an email round to all our members. Reaction came in promptly. Not only people intending to live at the farm, but also some that would be happy to contribute in one way or another.

For example:
How very exciting!! This sounds like a BEAUTIFUL piece of property and I think it’s a great idea to lease it out and have other WWOOFers take care of it! 

…one of my deep passions is agriculture, and this summer I achieved my Permaculture Design Certificate. I would love, if there is an opportunity to, work with other volunteers to design such permaculture-intensive spaces for this farm in the spring/summer. Some of the things I’m able to do are sheet mulching, designing a food forest, composting, earth works (ie, natural building materials) and vegetable gardening. I’d love to continue the conversation to see what possibilities may exist! Please feel free to reach me at the number …. 

We consider the farm close-tied to the WWOOF Organisation and foresee a place for regional networking and a contact point for WWOOFers, host farms and those interested. It is possible that the farm will serve as a location for events, meetings or workshops in the future. In view of many refugees arriving in Germany at the moment, the idea to integrate refugees in the project can be followed up. 

We are deeply grateful for the donators, Hendrik and Annette, to have given our organisation such a great opportunity. It is a big honour that they trust the WWOOF Organisation to preserve their farm as a learning place for the future and a great impulse and signal to the whole WWOOF community all over the world. 

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