LLOOF – Living & Learning On Organic Farms

Jan 28, 2016

As a member of WWOOF UK you will of course be aware of what it means to WWOOF, but do you know what LLOOF is all about? Well, as the acronym suggests – Living & Learning On Organic Farms – this is a project which focuses on the educational aspect of the WWOOF exchange.

The aim is to develop and promote a learning guide; an online educational resourse for adults emcompassing organic food production, entrepreneurship, volunteering and cultural exchange on farm enterprises. The adults, especially 18-34 year olds, can then relate this online learning to practical residential work experience and informal learning on a range of small enterprises in different European countries.

The project has been funded by EU Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnership programme with support from the European Commission.

Educating adults about volunteering and organic food production on farm enterprises (EDVORG) is the focus of this partnership project with national WWOOF organisations from ten European countries. 
All WWOOF UK hosts and WWOOFers have now been invited to take an active role in this exciting new project. Here’s what Adam Cade, WWOOF UK’s fundraiser, Erasmus project leader and EDVORG/LLOOF coordinator had to say in his ‘Call for contributors‘ recently:

“You may remember that we are partners in a European project called LLOOF to help WWOOFer volunteers learn more about organic farming, enterprises and sustainable lifestyles. Following the LLOOF conference in Italy in September, it was decided that we should tap the vast experience of WWOOF hosts to produce some short instructional videoclips (of about 1-3 minutes) that WWOOFers could film with their hosts and share online.

So as a WWOOFer volunteer you could encourage your WWOOF host to do this and take part in the filming!

As a WWOOF host we would love you to share your experience with other Hosts and WWOOFer volunteers around the world.

It can be easy and fun even though you may never have filmed before or been filmed. We have already tried this with some inexperienced members and they really enjoyed it and learned new skills. We want these videoclips to be an ongoing and key part of our joint project all across Europe, and beyond. So you can use a variety of video-recording devices such as a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or digital camera, but it is essential that it records with good clear sound. The simple guidance describes how you can set up the filming and then record, edit and upload the videoclip. The host may want to speak in their own language. You may also be able to add sub-titles in English.”

Here are some examples of the topics which have been chosen for this project:

– How the WWOOFer has changed their [the host’s] lifestyle after WWOOFing.
-The permaculture approach of the host.
– Making and using a propagating frame.
– Pruning fruit trees and shrubs.
– Making compost additives.
– Hardening off seedlings.
– Accountability, Certification.
And here is a link to watch a recently created example of a LLOOF Video (How To Prepare A Compost Bocashi):
You can see the full list via the downloadable list (see link below)

Here are some resources which are sure to inspire and will help you get started in making your own LLOOF videos:

For any further advice or help please contact by email: catherine@wwoof.ie or by phone on: 0035 32 75 12 54
Please let adam@wwoof.org.uk know the YouTube address of your videoclip and the number of the topic from the list. 


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