FoWO Is Looking For An IT Project Manager.

Mar 15, 2016

IT Project Manager

Overall Objective: The Federation of WWOOF Organisations’ (FoWO) purpose is to unite, promote, protect and support the WWOOF movement around the world.
The FoWO IT Project Manager, with the support and guidance of the FoWO IT Committee, is to research, select and implement a long term solution (operational ideally by December 31st 2016) for a Common WWOOF Website Platform to serve WWOOF Independents
(, potentially existing WWOOF groups currently using the Bl00m platform (e.g., and other interested WWOOF groups – there are a number whom have expressed interest (e.g.

Possible solutions: use of existing Bl00m platform (e.g.; or develop a new platform via an external company, or hire a team in-house; or negotiate use of other WWOOF groups existing platform (e.g.; possibly hire an in-house team to manage IT regardless of platform used.


The Team

1. IT committee (composed of volunteers from National WWOOF groups to consult,advise, overview and communicate with FoWO Directors (currently 8) and members (currently 45)
2. Existing Bl00m WWOOF platform users – consult in regards to existing use and future development and willingness to commit to FoWO project.
3. Other interested WWOOF groups seeking a common website solution – consult in regards to wants and needs and willingness to commit to FoWO project.
4. Project Manager (PM) – the person responsible for the project implementation and completion, and potentially on-going support in a permanent position such as an IT manager or similar.


Working hours and conditions

  • Responsible to provide own equipment. Work from your own home for agreed number of hours.
  • Must have reliable Internet and be able to attend scheduled online meetings which could be at less than convenient times due to the worldwide locations of individuals involved.
  • May be required to travel to meet with team and possibly attend International conference(s) – costs covered by FoWO.
  • Bi-weekly, or as determined, must meet and provide report to IT Committee on progress and developments.


Contract Terms

  • Project expected to need approximately 16 hours per week in the beginning potentially tapering off to 8 hours.
  • FoWO believes that all work is considered equal and therefore pay a standard rate to all its contractors of 12.48 GBP per hour. This position would be hired at that rate.
  • The position is to commence ideally by April 15th , and is a 12 month contract to start. Please state your earliest date to start.
  • As needed, a short-term and long-term solution to provide a fully functional Common WWOOF Website Platform to ideally be in place by December 31st, 2016.


Project Manager functions would be:

1. Gather and review discussions and research to-date.
2. Identify and compare possible solutions.
3. Determine budget.
4. Determine resources needed to complete project on time and budget.
5. Be aware of FoWO Decision making process and the time needed to seek majority vote.
6. Be responsible for the project specifications & planning, setup and during the complete life of the project, control outcomes and overview the whole development and delivery.
7. Be able to understand the solution, methodologies used, understanding and overview of code development, check practices and coding quality standards, take care of documentation, use project management tools, etc.
8. Measure the progress and participate actively in the development, making surefunctionalities, needs and deadlines are met, managing resources, solving doubts, testing and correcting.
9. Work and communicate actively with all the players (IT committee, internal and external developers, external companies, directors…)
10. Ensure users (WWOOF Coordinators) are trained in use of the platform.
11. Ensure User Guides for the platform are developed for both the IT support team and the end-users (WWOOF Coordinators).
12. Ensure an IT Support Team is in place for long term support and continued development of the platform.
13. Ensure succession plan is in place for IT team.
14. Responsible for making sure project is completed on time and on budget.


1. Proven performance as IT Project Leader – 3 + years’ experience. References required.

2. Must demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Be highly organized and a good multi-tasker.
  • Good leadership skills.
  • Be an effective communicator.
  • Know how and when to negotiate.
  • Be detail-oriented.
  • Recognize and solve problems quickly.
  • Possess the necessary technical skills.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Maintains confidentiality.
  • Be honest and trustworthy.
  • Be respectful.
  • Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Be flexible.
  • Demonstrate sound work ethics.

Desirable Experience:

 1. Knowledge of modern web development technologies, especially if they are open source.

2. Management of a mixed development team (or just one programmer) working together with other possible players like:

  • internal programmer
  • external design company/team
  • external development company
  • software solutions providers
  •  IT committee
  • current users/testers
  • system administrator…

3. Membership software solutions

4. CMS/CRM/ Collaborative solutions or comparable software

5. Working with a scattered international team

6. Knowledge about WWOOF, and your business practises show proven ethical approach.


The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by the incumbent(s) of this job. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and activities required of the position.


 Applications will be accepted until March 25th

Shortlist and schedule interviews for April 7th & 8th

– Candidate is chosen and start date is April 18th or immediately if possible.


If you are interested in this position please submit your covering letter and resume to: Subject: “IT Project Manager Application”.

If you have any questions please contact Becky Young (Treasurer) by email at:

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