Seed Team Members: Full-time vacancies, Suffolk.

Oct 5, 2017

Seed Co-operative – the UK’s community owned seed company – is looking to employ two full-time members to join the Seed Team.

Currently the Seed Team consists of 2 full time staff, David and Kate plus Manda who comes in on Tues, Weds and Thurs mornings.  An opportunity exists for two new team members to work at the Gosberton Bank Nursery site.

This is what the Seed Co-operative have to say about the role of Seed Team members:

The tasks that we have are varied and numerous.  We are looking for cheerful, positive people who thrive in a team and are prepared to be flexible and take on a challenge.  We get through what we do by working together and making the most of the invaluable help that we receive from our WWOOFers and volunteers.

The mind map below tries to set out the range of tasks and roles involved. Bear in mind that some of the tasks are huge and others much smaller but this helps to demonstrate the breadth of skills that we need and number of roles that team members need to be prepared to take on over the course of a year.

We are looking for people who are team players with following qualities:

  • passionate about sustainable food systems and a deep respect for people, life and planet
  • a sense of humour and cheerful disposition
  • able to cope with sustained pressure and tight deadlines
  • willing and able to learn new skills on the job
  • flexible and adaptable
  • highly organised and sensibly tidy


We are particularly keen for people to get in touch who have good experience and demonstrable skills of one or more of the following:

  • operation and maintenance of tractors and agricultural machinery
  • undertaking commercial organic / biodynamic vegetable production
  • planning vegetable, herb and flower production within organic closed loop systems including crop rotations, compost making, soil building and weed management
  • glasshouse crop production including maintenance of glasshouses and irrigation systems
  • seed production and/or processing
  • open pollinated variety maintenance and plant breeding
  • database management and integration with web shop, accounts and CMS
  • communications, graphic design and new market development
  • co-operative or community supported business development and governance


Rather than trying to identify a job of a specific shape and then trying to find a person the right shape to fit it we are looking to build a team who can work together and then between us we will work out how we get everything done – shaping the jobs to fit the skills of the people in the team.

We are looking for people already living in the area or who are prepared to move and find somewhere local to live.  We are not able to offer any accommodation.

We offer a salary of £18,000 to £25,000 pro rata, depending on experience.  Positions could be full-time or part-time tailored to the people concerned and their circumstances.

Find out more about this role by clicking here to be taken to the Seed Co-operative website.

Get in touch with Seed Co-operative –  Phone: 01775 840592 / Email:

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