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Nov 24, 2017

Welcome to WWOOF [wwoof:country]’s new website!


All of your member profile has been transferred to the new site including your description, photos, comments, and favourites, and you are able to contact other members as usual. 

There are new pieces of information in your profile that require your attention.  It is important you complete this information as it is used as search criteria on the Find a Host and Find a WWOOFer lists.  These new search criteria provide opportunitites for better matches resulting in WWOOF experiences that better meet your expectations.


New pieces of information have been added to Host’s profiles to enhance “Find a Host” Search

Based on member’s suggestions we have introduced some new search features and functionality on the new site that will make connections between Hosts and WWOOFers easier, and help to find a good match improving the WWOOF experience for everyone.  This resulted in new pieces of information needed in your profile.  In order for the new Search Features to be of optimal use we appreciate if Hosts could fill in this new information as soon as you can.

New Host information to be completed:

Animals: eg. cattle, alpacas, sheep, etc.

Methodologies: eg. permaculture, green manure, biological pest control, etc.

Practiseseg. ancient grains, foresty, culinary herbs, vineyard, etc.

Products made: eg. cheese, wine, preserves, etc.

Types of help: eg. farming, gardening, firewood, making preserves, etc.

Preferred length of visit  eg: Minimim 2 weeks, 1-4 weeks, Long term


List Choices

The above Lists and others are found in various pages in the Host profile.

It is important to keep list items consistent and therefore useful for WWOOFers searching Find a Host.

Therefore, if you would like another item added to any list please Contact Us letting us know the name of the item you would like added and identify which list (e.g. Host Type, Animals, Methodologies, Practises, Products Made, Types of Help, Meal Planning, etc.)


For both Hosts and WWOOFers, your profile requires some updating

Some information from the old site was misused or missing.   A couple of samples:

First Name and Last Name (In the old system these were combined as Contact Name and members were entering a mix of nick names, property names, etc.  So unfortunately we could not identify First Name and Last Name.)

Lanquages Spoken (we needed to clean up this information as people were entering non-relevant information)

and more….

And new information has been added. 

Some of the information on your profile is required/mandatory.  Until all the “mandatory” pieces of information (explained below) in your profile are complete you will be taken directly to Update My Profile each time you log in.  


To introduce you to your new Profile page:


Host Profile Example


This is an example of a Host Profile in Update view.  WWOOFer’s please see below for example of a WWOOFer profile.

Host Profile Example


Home Page –  NOTE: The new site is using a more recent website standard of clicking the logo at top centre in order to take you to the Home page.


Your User Menu is seen on the upper right of the top bar.  When clicked you will notice it is a duplicate of the vertical menu you see on the left of your Dashboard.  NOTE: You see only a “person” icon until you add your name and a photo.


Focusing on “Update My Profile” as seen above please notice:


– The horizontal tabsAccount / About / Contact / Location / Accommodation  Click tab to view that page. 


– And vertical tabs are seen on each of the above horizontal tabs.   Click tab to view that page. 

As an example, the About page includes 4 vertical tabs/pages: Description / About / Your Stay / Experience


On some tabs/pages you will see some new pieces of information such as “Language *”. (This is treated differently than in the old site, so you are required to complete it.)


Notice that some information fields are mandatory*they must be completed before you can finish/SAVE your profile.  These pieces are marked by an asterisk *.


Protect your private information

To keep your information private to guests (non-members) Hosts should NOT include in your Description your names, property name, any email addresses or website links. Guests preview this information and only members are provided access to contact Hosts.

(You are given a warning when information of this type is found in your Description, but you are still able to save it.  For guests viewing your profile we try to block (mask) any personal information found, but this is not always possible and it is best to not include it. )

Alternatively, there are individual places on your profile to enter: website, and social media links like FaceBook, Twitter, etc., and videos


Description: You may need to edit your Description.  Some of your content may not have migrated perfectly.  For easy readability we recommend breaking your description into paragraphs and avoid bunching all together.


WWOOFer Profile Example


This is an example of a WWOOFer profile in Update view.  


WWOOFer Profile Example




1)      Log in with your usual Username (or email) and password.

NOTE the “Forgot your password” link if you need it.


2)      Complete your profile adding the new requirements now, or anytime later as you wish.   

We recommend sooner rather than later, as the new requirements are meant to provide better search-ability for members to connect with one another easier. 


NOTE:  When you click SAVE you may receive “error” messages in red. 

These have to be corrected before your profile will be saved.

Mandatory Fields


A sucessful Save is indicated by a message in green indicating “The changes have been saved.”

Successful Save

Note: Your password is invisible for security purposes.  You do NOT have to enter it each time you edit your profile – only when you wish to change it.

Updating your profile will take a few minutes of your time to complete.  Having a complete profile will help ensure better connections between Hosts and WWOOFers.  We especially recommend updating your Account Photo, and “My Photos and Videos” with a cover photo and up to 10 additional photos tell your story in pictures, plus a video if you like! 


3)      Browse around the site and let us know what you think.  We would love to hear from you.  Your questions, comments, suggestions, and bug reports are welcome.  Please Contact Us.




The [site:name] Team

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