Call for Evidence – National Food Strategy

Sep 3, 2019

Evidence needed about creating a sustainable and fair food system
The Landworkers’ Alliance is seeking input for our submissions to two calls for evidence on a sustainable food system.

Please send us any information you would like us to include on our submissions and feel free to submit your evidence directly to both enquiries.

You can also give your input by attending our workshop on September 11 at Forty Hall Farm in Enfield, London where we will be working on our responses to these consultations and the emerging Environmental Land Management Schemes.

The scope of the first enquiry is UK wide; the second is focused on England, with submission being accepted from across the UK.

Email to book a place at the 11th September workshop. Your travel, accommodation and food can be paid for – and see below for info on the two calls for evidence we would like you to contribute to.

1) Food, Poverty, Health and the Environment

Government is calling for evidence for this new House of Lords committee on inequality, public health and food sustainability.  The deadline to submit evidence is 12th September.

Find out more here.

2) National Food Strategy

In June, Defra launched the Independent Review that will support the development of a National Food Strategy. Henry Dimbleby, review lead, has issued a Call for Evidence to inform his recommendations to Government.  The deadline to submit evidence is 25th October.

“Henry and Defra would really appreciate your support and input to the Call for Evidence. Your experience and knowledge of the food sector are vital to ensuring that this Review becomes the basis for a long term strategy underpinned by a strong evidence base.”

What is the Call for Evidence?

“We want to hear your thoughts on how we can improve the food system and to discover new ideas that can help transform the food system.

These might be things that are already working well, here or abroad, and that could scaled up or used differently. Or they might be completely new ideas: things that haven’t been tried yet at scale, but which you think have the potential to improve the system.

These could be ideas that help citizens make informed decisions about the food they eat, or which increase access and affordability of high-quality food; ideas that make food production more environmentally sustainable, that create a flourishing countryside rich in wildlife; ideas that help farming, fishing and food businesses and communities thrive, benefitting employees and the wider community; that promote the highest standards of animal health and welfare; or that could put England at the forefront of innovation and reshape our food system in the coming years.”

The Call for Evidence will close 25th October 2019. Government will publish a summary of the responses at:

The Landworkers Alliance has met with the team, attended their policy roundtable and will be submitting an official response to the enquiry, but you can also respond directly.

How do I respond to the government consultation directly?

You can respond by following this link here. More information on the Call for Evidence is available on

Any questions about either of these enquiries or the workshop please email me on

Thanks very much

Jyoti Fernandes
Policy Officer
Landworkers’ Alliance 

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