Flower Power

May 7, 2020

I’ve learnt so much so far and I’m glad to be ‘stuck’ here for a little longer.

We’ve decided to share some of the stories of hope and positivity that we hear about on the WWOOF UK grapevine.

Dear WWOOF Coordinator,

I’m doing great considering the circumstances and thank you for the email!

I’ve been in Sherborne, volunteering with a family that runs a flower farm since beginning of January. The initial agreement was for me to remain until end of February but then I decided to stay one more month and then the Covid-19 emergency happened.

I’ve learnt so much so far and I’m glad to be ‘stuck’ here for a little longer. I’ve graduated last October in an International Master in Horticulture in Italy and I always wanted to have an experience like this before looking for a job. I feel like I’m still learning, and this experience will give me the opportunity to understand better what I want to do with my future.

We have been very busy lately considering that people still want to enjoy flowers from the comfort of their homes.

Best regards,



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Many thanks.

Keep safe and keep well.

Words & photos by Carlyn Omoze Olamide Yakubu

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