Paid Internship Opportunity at Vallis Veg for 2021 

Nov 24, 2020

Vallis Veg is a small farm (18 acres) on the edge of Frome in northeast Somerset. The work we do  on the farm includes:  

• Running a 2 acre market garden with a box scheme and other local direct sales  • Running a small campsite  

• Managing 7 acres of woodland for amenity, firewood and timber  

• Managing small fruit and nut orchards and domestic gardens for on-farm use  • Looking after livestock (hens, sheep and pigs) on a micro-scale  

• Off-grid living projects such as constructing wooden outbuildings and compost toilets,  water harvesting, and installing small photovoltaic systems  

• Domestic smallholding activities such as food preservation  

• Managing volunteers and thinking about creative ways to involve a range of people sus tainably in land-based activities  

Other features of the site are:  

• There are allotments for local people to grow their own veg  

• Shared Earth Learning Co-operative have their base on our land. They run therapeutic  horticultural and forest school activities for children and adults as well as holiday forest  school sessions  

We’re looking for a residential intern to help us from March to September 2021 across the whole  range of these activities, with the possibility of longer-term opportunities by further mutual  agreement.  

The key attributes for the position are:  

• An ability and enthusiasm for working both individually on your own initiative and as part  of a team in outdoor farming and gardening work of all kinds in all weathers  

• An interest in and enthusiasm for low impact, off-grid rural living  

• An interest in and sympathy with agroecological farming and its methods  

There are no specific requirements for the position in terms of qualifications or prior experience  (training will be provided), but an ideal candidate will have taken practical steps to get involved  with agroecological farming or growing and low impact living.  

The Vallis Veg team are:  

Ellis Bowdler & Kris Fowler: market garden managers  

Cordelia Rowlatt: co-owner, campsite manager, orcharding, home gardening, carpentry & con struction  

Chris Smaje: co-owner, woodland management, livestock management, machinery & home gar dening  

The intern will work with all four of the team at different times on these various facets of the  farm  

Terms and benefits  

• The intern will have the benefit of rent-free accommodation onsite in a small caravan  with wood-burner, gas stove, composting toilet and off-grid electric lighting/USB charging 

• There will also be access to other facilities (bathroom, electricity etc.) in the main  house, and to some of the produce from the farm by arrangement  

• The intern will work a 4-day/24 hour week by arrangement, usually across Mon-Fri. Occa sional evening and weekend work by arrangement  

• There will be a stipend of £100 per week  

• There are usually two shared farm meals per week, with cooking on a rota system. Out side of this, the intern will usually provide and cook their own food.  

• The internship runs from the beginning of March to the end of September – precise dates  by arrangement. There is potential for renewal of working arrangements by mutual con sent.  

• The intern can take 7 paid working days holiday during the internship by arrangement  with the management team.  

Please apply in writing via email to, include a cover letter explaining why  you’re interested in the role and a brief CV & contact details of 2 referees. Closing date for ap plications is November 29th and we hope to interview shortlisted applicants individually in the  week beginning 7th December. We can offer contributions towards travel costs. 

For more information about Vallis Veg they have a website click here.


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