Farm Share Opportunity: Cornwall

Dec 9, 2021

Here’s an opportunity that just arrived in our email inbox, sent to us by one of our wonderful host farms. Do let us know how you get on, as we love sharing stories about new sustainable farming projects.

We have an opening for someone or a couple, with energy and enthusiasm, who wish to become part of a farm share at Cusgarne Organic Farm near Truro in Cornwall.

We are a fully organic farm in the heart of Cornwall, registered with Demeter. The farm is in a very quiet area, with small lanes and green fields.

We’ve 36 years of growing experience on fertile soil, with 104 acres of growing fields, pasture, orchards, chickens, polytunnels.

We have good outlets, including our own farm shop.

We have had two harvest sharers so far. Our most recent wanted to go to NZ to study wine production but was thwarted by covid. He has done well and asked advice when he needed it as he only had large garden experience.

The way we split the work

The farm supplied:

a.) The land 4 acres ploughed, cultivated and manured. 

b.) We provide the rabbit netting, crop mesh, seed modules, two skilled people, one for driving the tractor and one to plant with the sharer [ two to three people on the back of the planter]. 

c.) The farm also provides and repairs 5 polytunnels.


The sharer sows or plants and waters and cares for crops in the polytunnels – tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, runner beans, French beans, new potatoes, salad greens, winter lettuce and more – In the field the sharer harvests, kales, cabbages, broccolis, lettuce, leeks and more. But also endeavours to keep the crops clean.


The farm performs interrow cultivations on the field crops.

The farm grows potatoes, carrots and parsnips. Revenue to the farm as these crops rely on farm tackle 100 pc.

The sharer delivers to outlets, organises the orders from food coops, and health store and supplies our shop as the priority. Revenue from the sales is 50% of wholesale price.


If interested please email for more details.

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