Ukraine and WWOOF

Mar 4, 2022

Ukraine and WWOOF







We thought you would like to know a message has been sent from Basil Black, the Coordinator of the global, to all the hosts in the Ukraine. The words below are from him:

“We have 10 hosts in the Ukraine listed under WWOOF Independents, I wanted to let you know that early this week I sent them all the following email:


Dear hosts in Ukraine,

I can only imagine what a terribly difficult time this is for you and your loved ones. 
Although I’m aware this email might be of no practical help to you at this time, I still want you to know that as a host, father and farmer myself, I’m suffering a great deal in witnessing the horrible events that are unfolding in your country. 

If you need to flee your country and have to find a place to stay for some time, the WWOOF network might even be able to help you find somewhere safe. 

I very much hope this nightmare will end and that you can go back to farming and living a peaceful life soon.

I send you all my love on behalf of the WWOOF community. 

I also noticed several hosts on WWOOF Independents have spontaneously added the following to the top of their descriptions: “We welcome refugees from Ukraine”


A UK host has suggested sowing lots of sunflowers (the Ukrainian national flower) as a growers’ gesture of support and solidarity.


Sunflowers - Free Stock Photo by 2happy on




We have received the following via WWOOF Hungary. This is a legitimate / verified organisational partnership to provide practical help to Ukranian people so if you want to donate, you can do so with confidence.


Dear fellow permaculturists and agroecologists,

Please support projects of the NGO ‘Permaculture in Ukraine’ and partner organizations to help victims of Russian aggression:
Supplying the first aid kits to Ukrainian permaculturists who stayed in Ukraine to support vulnerable members of their communities and joined civilian territorial defense troops. Our primary objective is to supply them with items for individual treatment of severe bleeding, as our civilians are suffering constant missile attacks and attacks on the ground and thus having similar deadly traumas as military but not the same level of support from organizations because of limited resources.

We invite Europeans to join a network of ecovillages, farms and permaculture centers hosting Ukrainian temporary displaced persons. This network includes both Ukrainian places in relatively safe locations where we collect donations to perform required renovations and increase capacity for hosting people. As well as European venues – we have received incredible help from our fellows from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Hungary, but they have already reached their capacity, thus we invite Western countries to join this network.

P.S. We invite you to use our recently developed test version of a polyculture design tool for vegetables. See video instruction.

Thank you very much for your support!

Let’s stand together for democracy and peace!

Yours sincerely,

Павло Арданов, PhD,, 096-947-1612,
заступник голови Громадської спілки “Пермакультура в Україні”,
веб сайтгугл група (Email розсилка)фейсбук сторінка.

Pavlo Ardanov, PhD
pavlo.ardanov(et), +380-96-947-1612,
Deputy Head of the NGO “Permaculture in Ukraine”,
Web siteGoogle group (Email newsletter)Facebook page.

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