Permaculture Prize Awards 2022

Jun 2, 2022

Win £30,000 to Support Regenerative Projects

Permaculture Magazine is delighted to announce the fifth year of the Permaculture Magazine Award.

£30,000 will be shared between three prizes: Permaculture Magazine Award; Permaculture Prize sponsored by Lush Spring Prize; The Youth in Permaculture Prize sponsored by Ethos Foundation and Abundant Earth Foundation.

All three prizes aim to support and celebrate worldwide projects that are transforming their communities and regenerating habitats. The prizes will be judged by our prestigious panel of international judges.

The applications will be closed Sunday 12th June 2022, 23:59 GMT

The winners of all three prizes will be announced in the pages of PM114, published 31st October 2022, and articles on these projects will be featured in future issues. 

Permaculture Magazine Award

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The £15,000 Permaculture Magazine Award is open to projects established three years or older. Past applicants are welcome to re-apply.
For full details on the Permaculture Magazine Award, judges and application form can be found here.

Get your Permaculture Magazine Award application here.


The award celebrates individuals, communities, businesses, groups and organisations that demonstrate inspirational work.

Permaculture Magazine is looking for permaculture projects that are: 

*          Regenerating damaged land
*          Enhancing habitat and biodiversity
*          Helping people to gain practical and community skills
*          Adding value to produce and developing local economies
*          Building community, creating social glue and greater economic resilience
*          Modelling new ways of cooperating and new cultural paradigms


The Permaculture Magazine Award was established in 2018 and has awarded 16 projects with over £60,000 to date. The award has received hundreds of applications, and it is a privilege to highlight this vital regenerative work that is world changing.

The 2021 Prize was awarded to Sector 39 who work in three African countries delivering practical training and education locally with skills such as seed saving, permaculture design, home gardening, building rocket stoves – to alleviate poverty, enhance nutrition, health and the local environment.

The 2020 winners, Contour Lines Corp, on Guatemala’s coastline educate local farmers in regenerative farming methods, moving away from slash and burn agriculture, which is highly destructive to local landscapes.

2019 winners, African Women Rising, create innovative and long-term solutions to help solve food security in Palabek Refugee Camp, North Uganda.

2018 winners, Ghana Permaculture Institute (GPI) train local farmers in a range of skills, including beekeeping and setting up indigenous tree nurseries, to create sustainable livelihoods that are also beneficial to the environment.


Permaculture Prize sponsored by Lush Spring Prize

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Permaculture Prize application form: 

New for 2022, this £5,000 award is donated and judged by the Lush Spring Prize team, who are looking for examples of best regenerative practice, where projects are increasing the capacity of communities and societies to thrive in harmony with nature and each other.

The Lush Spring Prize is a biennial prize focussed on celebrating regenerative practitioners and organisations around the world, and is happy to offer this special £5,000 Spring Prize award as part of the 2022 Permaculture Magazine Award.

In 2021 the prize was held by Lush Spring Prize, with four recipients sharing the award.

Nineteen-year-old Jefferson Rodolfo Anchundia Yumbo, president and spokesperson for Sacha Kuyrana Maltakuna in the Sachawaysa rainforest, Ecuador works to repair damaged soils and provide nutritious food to feed his community by promoting the planting of ancestral plants in home gardens. He helps give a voice to his Kichwa people through social media and ecotourism. 

Schools and Colleges Permaculture Programme (SCOPE Kenya) teaches permaculture and agroecology through a holistic approach working with students, teachers, parents, local leaders and communities in Kenya.

 The Malawi School Permaculture Clubs (MSPC) program is designed to improve sustainability and create true systemic change which is community-led and owned through a decentralised model to be self-run in the long-term. 

Education for Climate Action offers programs working with youth refugees, asylum seekers and low income high school and college students in Malaysia who lost their livelihood during the pandemic.


Youth in Permaculture Prize

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Full details and to apply click here.


The £10,000 Youth in Permaculture Prize is awarded by Ethos Foundation and sponsored by Abundant Earth Foundation. Now in its fifth year, this prize celebrates and supports young people, 25-years-old and under, who are using permaculture design principles to make positive change within their communities and local environment.

The 2018 winner was 24-year-old Millicent Anyango, who uses permaculture methods to feed orphans, school children, and the homeless in Kenya. Millicent grew up an orphan in Kenya and now works at her orphanage teaching the children about fresh, nutritious food.

Mohamed Qasim Lessani of Afghanistan won in 2019 due to his use of permaculture design to transform schools into models for basic human security, including food, water and energy – even in areas of extreme poverty, violence and war.

The Vijana Twaweza Club won in 2020. Set up by refugee youths, they work to combat extreme poverty and environmental degradation in Kakuma Refugee Camp and Kalobeyei Settlement in Kenya.

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