Classifieds – Winter Solstice ’22

Dec 16, 2022

Welcome to the WWOOF UK Classifieds section. Here, you can find postings from members and other friends of WWOOF UK regarding opportunities, job listings, property advertisements and more. Have something you’d like listed in our Classifieds section? Send us an email

Earth-conscious female seeking a gentle man

Earth-conscious female seeking a gentle man – 55-65 years young – with lots of life left to live… For friendship, companionship and one day maybe love

Ideally within a 50-mile radius of Cambridgeshire.

  • understands having strong family connections
  • might enjoy wild camping/living simply/non-consumerist
  • non smoker

Any interested parties please email for more detail

Request for survey participants

A Lecturer in Law at the University of Portsmouth, Dr Penelope Giosa, is doing research in organic food. She would like to have your opinion about the price formation in the agricultural value chain, the distribution of risks in the supply chain, the prospect of collaborations within the ‘farm-to-fork’ chain with regard to sustainability and what should be done to make sustainable production more appealing. 

If you are interested in having a chat with her and learning more about her project, please email her

Your contribution will be very much appreciated, and of course, you can keep your anonymity if you wish so.

WWOOF is hiring! – Full-stack Software Engineer

The Federation of WWOOF Organisations (FoWO) is currently looking to hire a Full-stack Software Engineer. The Full-stack Software Engineer will join the IT committee of FoWO and take part in weekly triage meetings. They will be working closely with the dev team and share responsibilities to ensure continuity of operations.

The Full-stack Software Engineer:

  • is responsible for the maintenance of the existing code base, new feature developement, test automation, and deployment of all WWOOF applications;
  • interacts with stakeholders to discuss their issues and needs, and has the ability and dynamism to make suggestions, propose new ideas;
  • writes code that is maintainable, readable, and aligned with the existing style (while feeling empowered to make proposals for refactoring);
  • designs engaging, responsive, and functional UXs for WWOOF members;
    works autonomously, with attention to detail and quality;
  • helps answer support requests from WWOOF coordinators of the 20+ national organisations using the software.


  • 5+ years of software development
  • Code review
  • Backlog triage
  • Experienced with:
    • JavaScript or TypeScript
    • Node.js
    • Modern front-end frameworks (React, Angular, Vue, Ember…)
    • Docker / Kubernetes
    • Git / GitHub
    • SQL

Good to have:

  • Bootstrap
  • CSS / SCSS
  • UX design
  • Reponsive design
  • i18n
  • React Native

How to apply:

Dyfed Permaculture Farm and Scythe Cymru

Dyfed Permaculture Farm and Scythe Cymru

By Michelle Lainé Dyfed Permaculture Farm was founded in 1996. The 28 acre farm includes 6 acres of traditional wildflower meadow, permanent pasture, allotments, woods and gardens, all farmed by hand using traditional tools such as the scythe. We also have a...

WWOOFing as a post-school remedy

WWOOFing as a post-school remedy

by Amelie Flora Harper-Stanford My name is Amelie, I am nineteen. I live in Forest Row, Sussex, where I enjoy going on walks and navigating the day with my local community. I am a big creative and I value the region of the planet that I have grown up in. I love...

Forging ahead

Forging ahead

By Greg Klaes of Forge Farm / Clattercote Wharf My late wife Kate and I bought 2 hectares along the Oxford Canal where there was a canal loading wharf and several derelict 18th century barns in the early 1980’s. Sarah, our daughter, was three when we moved our...

Orchard Blossom Day

Orchard Blossom Day

By Adam Cade Orchard Blossom Day is a new annual event in recognition of the beauty, bounty and biodiversity of orchard fruit trees. It encourages orchard groups and managers to organise Orchard Blossom events during their own blossom time, perhaps as a seasonal...