Updates from the office – Winter Solstice ’22

Dec 16, 2022

Garden preserves (c/o: James Mann, 2012)

Hello, and happy holidays from the WWOOF UK team. We hope you are managing to keep warm in this wintry weather. As we enter into a new year, WWOOF UK is excited to announce some terrific changes to our online presence.

First, you will likely have noticed that our website has a brand-new look, along with some new functions. As some of you may have already discovered, however, the Find a WWOOFer feature has disappeared. We were aware that this would be a temporary loss of functionality when we moved to the new system and made a mention of it in one of our previous emails. We understand this will be quite a loss for some hosts, and we’re genuinely regretful about that.

One of the main reasons for upgrading to this website is that we are unified with all other WWOOF groups in the global Federation of WWOOF Organisations (FoWO). We now all share the same website features and make decisions together rather than for just one nation. This has meant all groups have had to compromise on features that are specific to their countries whilst we all get to the point of being on the new system.

We will be working on a new ‘Find a WWOOFer’ feature when we are all on board, which hopefully will be ready in 2023 across all WWOOF sites in the Federation of WWOOF Organisations (FoWO). If you have any additional questions about the new site, please contact us.

Along with our new site, we have also switched over to new software (MailChimp) for our members’ and non-members’ newsletters. You might notice some changes in the format of the newsletter, but the functionality/your subscription will of course be unaffected.

Are you running late on grabbing a gift for your sustainably-minded friend? Or maybe you know someone who might be keen to get their hands dirty in the new year? Purchase a gift membership for a year of WWOOFing today.

That’s all from us. Have a wonderful holiday season, and we look forward to a new year of fabulous farming in 2023!

— The WWOOF UK team

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