Classifieds – Imbolc 2023

Feb 1, 2023

Welcome to the WWOOF UK Classifieds section. Here, you can find postings from members and other friends of WWOOF UK regarding opportunities, job listings, property advertisements and more. Have something you’d like listed in our Classifieds section? Send us an email

Group WWOOFing at Hollin Bank Farm

Hollin Bank Farm can only welcome WWOOFers and volunteers at very specific times of year – one of these is March 2023 – 1st to 31st – APPLY NOW!

Big group WWOOF! Space for 10 volunteers. We can offer stays from 1 week to the entire month, for individuals, couples or small groups of friends. Great opportunity to enjoy working outside, with others, in a beautiful environment, while contributing to the development of our not-for-profit, environmentally-committed Cumbrian farm. We offer the opportunity to learn about organic farming and countryside skills for volunteers with no previous experience, within a group of like-minded people. Jobs for March include planting up the new vegetable garden, construction of woodland yurts for volunteer accommodation, tree planting, farm maintenance and some livestock care. Accommodation is in a large, warm and comfortable house. Please apply using the WWOOF site by searching for Hollin Bank Farm.

Land access for women in Scotland – creating a bequest fund to help

Hello, I am researching land access for women in Scotland as part of a bequest from a woman who valued the WWOOF organisation highly. There is some money ‘to be used to establish a grant or loan giving Trust Fund to help women living and working in Scotland who are involved in sustainable agriculture / land-based activities and soil remediation work.’ I’d be really grateful if you could complete the survey below (mentioning WWOOF) and return it to me at this email. Alternatively, please get in touch if this research interests you (again, mentioning WWOOF).”

Q1. Do you have access to land that is not your garden?

Q2a. If yes, what do you use that land for and how have you gained access (e.g. bought it, inherited it, have an allotment, lease it etc)Would you like to do more than you’re currently doing and if ‘yes’, what’s stopping you?

Q2b. If no, what would you like access to land for? Choices include growing food for yourself, growing food to sell, growing food for your community (which community is that),rewilding, soil regeneration, livestock rearing, planting trees, other…

Q3. If you don’t have access, what is stopping you? Choices include funds to buy or lease, information of where land is available, skills to work the land, people to collaborate with, other…

Help build “The NEST” – a well-being and learning hub

Karuna Insight Design‘ has gained full planning permission for a small education and well-being centre/community hub set within one of the UK’s largest forest gardens, known as Karuna. ‘The Nest’ is an Educational space incorporating conference room, therapy room, kitchen, office, store, wash and shower facilities, working to a vernacular barn-type design – using locally sourced eco-friendly materials.

Here is a testimonial from a WWOOFer – “Karuna is a truly special place that is rare to come by in this modern world and allows you to find the subtleness of your true Human nature: a being inseparable from nature. You will find a peace that hangs in the air and meet the wildlife that lives close by you. The roundhouse is a home like no other and I enjoyed many evenings in deep conversations drinking tea from quirky teapots around the fire. In the winter the work was mainly in woodland management which was something new for me but which I enjoyed. The woods are beautiful and a manifestation of all the dedication and love Janta, Merav and their sons have invested over many years. Merav will blow you away with amazing food everyday, all organic and home-grown from the garden. Allow yourself to enter Karuna with no expectation, an open mind and allow the spirit of the land to connect with you… you may discover something new. Thank you Janta, Merav and Hoshi for inviting me to their home.” (Megan Izod/ Hearts/Jan 2022)

More information and testimonials about the project – as well as how to contribute – can be found here.

Redfield Community looking for new members

We currently have two family sizes units plus one large room empty and are actively looking for potential members. Redfield is a cooperatively-run, intentional community based in North Buckinghamshire made up of a large mansion house with 17 acres of land maintained as a smallholding. We need people to help share the responsibilities and duties of managing the house and land with us, and to reap the rewards of living in such a beautiful place.

Please read our FAQ section to find out more about visiting if you are interested in membership

Our consensus decision-making process means all of the current members must reach consensus on any new members joining the community. This means our membership process can take six months to a year and involves several visits. If you think you might be interested drop us an email to introduce yourself and arrange to come on an initial visitor day or work activity weekend where we can start to get to know each other. Please note: Redfield has a no dog policy for visitors and residents.

Dyfed Permaculture Farm and Scythe Cymru

Dyfed Permaculture Farm and Scythe Cymru

By Michelle Lainé Dyfed Permaculture Farm was founded in 1996. The 28 acre farm includes 6 acres of traditional wildflower meadow, permanent pasture, allotments, woods and gardens, all farmed by hand using traditional tools such as the scythe. We also have a...

WWOOFing as a post-school remedy

WWOOFing as a post-school remedy

by Amelie Flora Harper-Stanford My name is Amelie, I am nineteen. I live in Forest Row, Sussex, where I enjoy going on walks and navigating the day with my local community. I am a big creative and I value the region of the planet that I have grown up in. I love...

Forging ahead

Forging ahead

By Greg Klaes of Forge Farm / Clattercote Wharf My late wife Kate and I bought 2 hectares along the Oxford Canal where there was a canal loading wharf and several derelict 18th century barns in the early 1980’s. Sarah, our daughter, was three when we moved our...

Orchard Blossom Day

Orchard Blossom Day

By Adam Cade Orchard Blossom Day is a new annual event in recognition of the beauty, bounty and biodiversity of orchard fruit trees. It encourages orchard groups and managers to organise Orchard Blossom events during their own blossom time, perhaps as a seasonal...