Seasonal recipe – Lammas

Aug 1, 2023

Seasonal Green Quiche (serves 4-6, 25cm round dish)

Fresh ingredients for the Seasonal Green Quiche

I’m a ‘roughly like this, never mind I haven’t got that’ kind of cook so I encourage you to adapt this recipe to fit the ingredients you have at hand.

Veg – peas, greens, kale, beetroot tops, courgettes, broccoli, green onion, more green veg!

Herbs galore – whatever you have fresh – thyme, sage, oregano and rosemary are my favourite. A good handful, chopped small.

Prep your veg ready for frying – you’ll want about 2 cup fulls when cooked (eg. 4 kales leaves, a small courgette, 2 garlic cloves and an onion – ish).

Pastry (or buy it!)
175g plain flour (I often do half or more wholemeal)
pinch of salt
85g cubed butter (works better than margarine)
2-3 tbsp water

Put the butter cubes into the flour and salt mix, breaks the lumps of butter up with a knife / your fingers coating all sides with flour until you end up with crumble texture. add a splash at a time of water and mix until you end up with a dry dough that just about sticks itself together. I never bother to roll out my pastry, and make another surface need cleaning, i just gently squash the pastry ball in my dish and evenly spread it out by pushing it into the corners and up the sides etc. making sure to not have too much of a difference in thickness over the whole thing. (Some would put the pastry in the fridge whilst it was still a ball, but I never do)

Blind bake the pastry (with baking balls or another oven proof dish that fits inside your pastry dish) for about 20 mins at 180 degrees.


Whilst this is baking, fry your veg. If you have a bit of sundried tomato oil or other oil from a jar of something else, use this now for added flavour. Onion / alliums first, then greens, courgette and chopped herbs, get them a bit caramelised and reduced and finally broccoli and peas only need a minute (remember it will cook more in the oven). I normally sprinkle a pinch of salt over these.

Now for egg mix. Again I tend to use what I have! Ideally 2 eggs, 3 if you have lots. I prefer to use more egg and less cream, so mix eggs and full fat milk till it’s about 350ml – a bit of salt and pepper, herbs now if you forgot to fry them with your veg.

Take your pastry out of the oven, spread the veg out across the pastry so it’s just over half full – then poor over the egg mix. Put back in the oven for around 35 – 45  minutes until the egg is cooked in the middle.

If you have left over veg it’s a tasty side dish, or in a wrap.

A big thank you to WWOOFer Alice for this really handy recipe and the photo, we think this is a perfect suggestion for using the ingredients, which are in abundant supply at this time of year, to make a tasty meal for hosts and WWOOFers to enjoy together.

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