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Aug 1, 2023

Save the date: Saturday 28th October – WWOOF UK Members Gathering and AGM at Windmill Hill City Farm, Bristol. Format and timings to be confirmed.

News from the staff team

WWOOF UK recently attended the Land Skills Fair 2023. This is a festival for food, land and climate justice which is put on by the Landworkers’ Alliance and held at Abbey Home Farm, WWOOF hosts in Gloucestershire.

We were represented by Alice [pictured above] and Scarlett who were guest speakers in the ‘Green Room’ on the Friday morning of the four-day event, which the Landworkers’ Alliance describe as “building the movement by sharing celebration, wisdom and skills in activism, farming, forestry, food & land.”

Scarlett posted this on instagram afterwards:

“What a brilliant festival – great workshops (including our one for WWOOF UK!) talks and music – and so heartening see hoards of young land workers out there, passionate and engaged with changing food, farming and forestry.

Let’s hope @landworkersalliance find a way to fund it again in coming years.’

Other news from the office…

WWOOF takes all safeguarding issues very seriously and we recently sent a designated member of staff for updated training. Added to that, over 25 WWOOF delegates from around the world (including our UK staff team) recently attended an online Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Training arranged by our colleagues in France and The Federation of WWOOF Organisations [FoWO]. We are continually seeking new training to help us support our members as fully as we can.

Website update

You may have noticed that we now offer an enhanced membership for WWOOFers which includes accident and liability insurance. It can be selected at registration or renewal. However not all WWOOFers will select this as currently it’s optional.

There are no changes with regards to hosts’ insurance however; hosts still needing to arrange their own insurance and must be insured all of the time they are hosting WWOOFers.

We are also making small improvements across the website including adding more FAQs to our WWOOF – Help Center

New look Mr Fluttergrub

Our green-fingered gardening guru is keeping us on our toes with a new style of reporting. Instead of sending us extracts from his fruit and veg growing journal, ‘Flutters’ (as we like to call him) has decided to focus on what’s growing now and will start offering advice on what action to take with up and coming tasks.

Keep in touch with us

We’ve created a page where you and your friends can sign-up to receive our newsletters as a way keep in touch with us. Those with an active membership will receive our newsletters automatically but we also produce a non-members’ edition to help those thinking about joining and for staying in touch even when your membership has expired.

Share this link to sign-up to our newsletter.

Last but not least….

Please send us your stories, your events, your news and help make our newsletter as colourful, relevant and engaging as possible. You can send your valuable contributions to: editor@wwoof.org.uk Many thanks.

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