Wicton Farm – home of the Wild Cow Dairy

Mar 19, 2024

by Claire Wicton

We are an organic dairy farm with 175 acres in the heart of Herefordshire. We have a herd of 50 Holstein Friesian cows and are passionate about creating positive change in the world.  

Our vision is simple: We have a shared dream to create an amazing, regenerative farming food system which will empower the natural world environment, heal our human community and create positive world change.

We love to challenge ourselves, to question how we can do things better and strive continuously to make our planet a better place for nature, animals and humans through how we farm.

Wicton Farm logo

Our cows are 100% grass fed, milked once per day, keep their calves with them and grow their horns as nature intended. We have a zero tolerance to antibiotics and are trying hard to be a single use plastic free farm. We care about our soil! We direct drill most of our crops, manure is composted and an RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) closed traffic system limits soil compaction created by grassland and manure spreading tractor operations. We have a minimal machinery policy and we constantly seek new ways to reduce our tractor usage in every way that we may be able to.

We have 45 acres of agroforestry, lots of wildlife areas, fruit trees, beehives, rescue cats and various other small animals which decide to make their home here. We have a small processing facility on the farm where we pasteurise our milk and make cheese. We are excited to be starting a vegetable garden and expanding our soft fruit orchard this year as well.  We sell our farm produce through a vending machine in the local town and at local markets during the summer. We are passionate about connecting people with where their food comes from.

As a farm we have a strong focus on mental health, wellbeing and personal growth. We have qualified staff in mental first aid and physical first aid and through workshops and continued learning opportunities strive to continue to make our farm a safe space and a place of equal opportunities, positive change and harmony. We even have a twice monthly pilates class on the farm for all the team so we can stay fit and healthy both mentally and physically – all WWOOF students are encouraged to join in!

Our WWOOFing journey started 3 years ago and it has helped make the farm into the place it is today. Welcoming WWOOF volunteers from all walks of life has made us value people as individuals and the positive impact that new people and ideas can bring to a shared space. We are open minded and we love welcoming all types of people to our positive, equal opportunity farm yard environment.

Over the years we have loved receiving people from all walks of life, with different backgrounds, personal experiences and nationalities. The farm provides a platform for us to learn and grow through each other’s strengths, interests and experiences. We challenge everyone who comes here to lean into personal growth and make the experience their own. We love supporting our WWOOF visitors to move out of their comfort zones to learn new farm skills or alternatively we work with students so that they can simply enjoy the therapeutic satisfaction found in completing practical farm jobs with good attention to detail.

We are a dedicated female led team that have a passion for nurturing the unique strengths of every individual, both humans and animals. We care deeply about the world we live in and want to create a safe space for people -allowing them to explore who they are, be creative and learn skills that will stay with them for life. In exchange we ask all our WWOOFers to give 100% to their experience at Wicton Farm. We work long hours and the day starts at 5.30am but we all work as a team. The exchange of skills between WWOOF students and ourselves is unique and a priceless reward for sharing this beautiful farm and natural space.

Everywhere you look on the farm there are traces and memories of individuals who have left their mark here whilst passing through on their WWOOFing adventure. It is what makes this place special. From beautiful painted murals in our classroom, embroidered tapestries in our farm office, to handmade wellington boot racks. In exchange students go away from here with a unique insight into life on a dairy farm, how they can connect with their food, and skills they can take with them throughout life’s journey – from making bread and yoghurt to milking the cows and looking after our therapy cow.

We are a farm that is full of energy which is continuously evolving as we challenge ourselves further to initiate and maintain positive change in the natural world around us. If you would like to follow us on our journey or support us in any way possible then visit our website  (www.wictonfarm.co.uk) or follow us on social media: @wildcowdairy.

We have undying belief in our cause and unwavering direction and we welcome you to join us in every way that you can! Maybe now is the time for your journey to become a part of our journey!

Would you like to find out more about WWOOFing opportunities at Wicton Farm with Claire and the team? Have a look at their host listing where you’ll find information about current projects and availability.

We are very grateful to Claire for taking a break from looking after the herd to write this wonderful article for us and providing the lovely photos too. Thank you Claire.

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