What is Safeguarding?

WWOOF UK has a detailed safeguarding policy. Safeguarding is about protecting everyone from harm, abuse or neglect, and ensuring the well-being of all people.

Safeguarding starts before you get involved in any WWOOFing activity; hosts and WWOOFers should do their best to make sure they are arranging a suitable exchange.  Every WWOOF member also has a personal responsibility to make sure they are adequately insured, and that they are well enough – both mentally and physically – to take part in a WWOOF exchange.

WWOOFing should happen in a safe and trusted environment. It takes both hosts and WWOOFers to create this safe space, and that takes good communication.  See this link to How to be a Host for more advice for hosts and this link to Top 10 Tips for more advice for WWOOFers.

Safeguarding advice page for hosts

Safeguarding advice page for WWOOFers

Safeguarding policy